And in moments that I doubt, because I am human, I reroute myself to a place of deep listening. My dance and teaching practice is inspired by the question, “How can I continuously build trust with myself and others?”


My years of training have taught me that the body is filled with vast intelligence for inner knowing and for healing, especially when I am willing to listen. The structure and repetitive nature of dance has taught me that consistency yields results. Performance has taught me that I am more powerful than I think. 

My work begins with acknowledging the desire to be seen and to be heard. Leaning into that desire, I feel is an act of radical self-care. I am continuously negotiating the deep and ever-evolving relationship to myself- my body and my voice, my femaleness, my identity. From this place of knowledge, I make performances that require honesty, trust, curiosity, openness, and an unapologetic presence. I create intimate, fantastically charged environments in which the performers access a level of sacred vulnerability. My work challenges me to make the invisible visible, the uncomfortable commonplace, and the many pieces of us to be seen and accepted as whole.

Kayla Castellon

is a freelance dancer, choreographer, teacher, and performance curator based in Miami, Florida. She is passionate about building bridges between dance communities across the US. Since graduating from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a BFA in dance, she has dove deeply into project-based work, arts engagement, and choreographing. She is currently a part of Adele Myers and Dancers and is working closely with Maya Billig on how to make art in a pandemic reality. She is also on staff at Miami Light Project helping to create events to mobilize the local dance scene. 
Her previous experience includes performing with Pioneer Winter Collective, Rosie Herrera Dance Theatre, Isabel Lewis, Ana Sanchez-Colberg, and Mango Hernandez among others. Her recent film "Teen" which she collaborated on with Pat Suarez was screened at Screendance Miami 2021 in support by Miami Light Project. She is a 2020 Knight Arts Challenge winner for her founding project Show and Talk, a movement based works in progress showing followed by a facilitated feedback session. 
She has received additional training from studying abroad in Israel, The American Dance Festival, Strictly Seattle, Miami Medley, Countertechnique Miami, My Mobile Home with Deborah Hay, and interned with Movement Research and Brooklyn Arts Exchange. Kayla is also a Polestar Pilates Graduate and works with both adults and children teaching mind-body awareness, Pilates, and Yoga.

just like you, I am intuitive